How much money does a retiree need to live in retirement?


When we see retirement age approaching, it’s usual to start charting the kind of life we ​​want to have during those years. Therefore, the first suspicion that attacks us is How much pension will we collect in the next few years?.

To find out the amount of the pension, we must take into account that the said amount will be determined from an account that takes into account Contribution level, and this is the amount contributed to Social security; and the Number of years of contributions Throughout the working life.

But it must also be taken into account that the amount of money that a pensioner with a pension needs to live comfortably It will depend on the country you reside inBecause the standard of living is different.

in this meaning, NetCredit prepared a study In it appears The amount required for the pensioner according to the country Where do you live.

The most expensive and cheapest countries

  1. Bermuda: It has established itself as the most expensive country in terms of retirement, where 889 thousand euros are required.
  2. United State: 507,000 euros.
  3. Israel: It is the most expensive country in the continent of Asia, and it needs 532,077 euros.
  4. Portugal361,000 euros.
  5. France435,000 EUR
  6. United kingdom434 thousand euros.
  7. Germany428,000 euros.
  8. Italy410,000 euros.
  9. Ethiopia: It is the most expensive country in Africa, and it needs 386,047 euros.
  10. Spain380,000 euros.
  11. Uruguay: It is the most expensive country in South America, and it needs 295,095 euros.
  12. Colombia: It is the cheapest country in South America, and it needs 181,045 euros.
  13. Uganda: It is the cheapest in Africa, and you need 179,077 euros.
  14. Pakistan: At the end of the arrangement, you need only 153 thousand euros.

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