How to block calls from scammers on a Samsung phone (without downloading apps)

How to block calls from scammers on a Samsung phone (without downloading apps)

People who have a Samsung phone can block their mobile phone from receiving calls from scammers or promotions from any company. It is very simple and we explain step by step How to block calls from scammers on Samsung phone.

After activating this, you will not receive calls from banks either, and the best thing is that with this trick No download required that may affect the cell phone or that fill our advertising interface.

How to block calls from scammers

Enter the application phone (which you normally make calls with) and insert the settings from your smartphone samsung.

after active Caller ID and Anti-Spamand accept the Terms of Service.

Touch Caller ID and Anti-Spam again, this time you can enter the menu.

Activate the option Block calls from scammers and spam.

Finally, it will give you the option to choose whether you only want to block high-risk calls or Block all calls from scammers and spammers. It is recommended to activate the first option and if you continue to receive calls that you do not want, activate the option to block all.

Samsung capture interface

This will appear in your phone history automatically These calls will be forwarded maybe scammers without appearing on your cell phone.

It is important to note that not all models of Samsung mobile phones can activate this option, however, from the Samsung A family, which is the middle class, it is possible to do so.

Remember that one of the most common scams is a file phishingThis happens when someone pretends to be your telephone operator or your bank and wants you to give them personal information.

In the same way, Condusef’s Public User Record (REUS) allows you to add your number so that it is a banks with To provide you with a kind of product.

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