Huachicole Mali Must Fight: Horacio Duarte Olivares


Horacio Duarte Olivares, Director General of Customs, yesterday in Tamaulipas, as instructed by the President Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorYou must fight the financial huachikul, which is another problem that harms the country’s economy and affects security.

Unfortunately, this practice that we apply on the northern borders gives way to thousands and millions of liters of fuel and hydrocarbons that pass without paying taxes or paying simulated taxes, and affects the competitiveness of importing companies that do their procedures well and correct the entry of their goods.

He also stressed that controlling hydrocarbon traffic on the northern border is part of the mission undertaken by customs officials. Additionally, this is done in coordination with the authorities US Customs and Border Protection.

“It is comforting for both economies that the customs of Tamaulipas will stop smuggling fuel,” he commented.

Duarte Olivares undertook a working tour yesterday in the north of the country and visited Colombia Customs, Nuevo León As well as Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa in the state Tamaulipas.

In this sense, he led the Infrastructure Modernization Ceremony at the Nuevo Laredo Customs Office, in which he assured that there would be no return in the fight against corruption.

He also expressed the importance of fulfilling the mandate of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to integrate retired Mexican military personnel into customs in order to enhance and end corruption and influence.

We will not allow corruption in Tamaulipas, nor in the rest of the country. The government of Mexico will not tolerate attempts by some to collude at the expense of Mexicans; Things have really changed. It is not propaganda, it is a conviction. We do not have a double discourse, we are not hypocrites, it is a correct belief, it is an ethical quality and we act identically, ”he deepened.

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