The government is reviving the Pemex and CFE projects along with a private initiative


Projects in the energy sector, which require an investment of 98.980 million pesos, represent 33% of the total number of 297 thousand million pesos that will be allocated to a first group of infrastructure works, through which it seeks to revitalize the country’s economy.

Four of the announced projects will be implemented as part of a strategic alliance with Pemex, all of which are related to the refineries, fertilizers and petrochemical businesses.

The announcement did not mention further details of the alliances or percentage of investment for each of the businesses to be financed by the private sector, but it should be at least 50% of the total, said Carlos Salazar, Prime Minister. Business Coordination Council during the morning conference.

The analysts consulted agree that the projects are businesses previously planned by Pemex. “They are projects within the government’s production plan to modernize the processes it requires and which in any case must be aligned with the business plan and fuel self-sufficiency. There is no additional investment in this first package,” says Ramses Beach, a sector analyst.

“The important thing now is who will run the process. In the earlier blueprints, companies built and operated, but this administration was looking for some kind of blueprint by which companies build and Pemex is the one that works,” says Gonzalo Monroy, of the GMEC consultancy.

The four Pemex-related works are in line with new facilities or modifications within existing complexes and construction will begin during 2021. All projects are in line with the federal policy to reduce fuel imports and seek energy supremacy.

A file is installed Coker at Tula Refinery Of the 39 works announced today: 54,705 million pesos, it is the work that will need the most budget. The purpose of this project is to improve the refining process, which will consist of converting heavy raw waste to coke.

Since 2017, NOC management has sought a partnership with a private initiative to operate the coking plant and modernize the Hidalgo refining complex. This has also been embodied in the company’s latest business plan.

Also includes projects announced on Monday Rehabilitation of the coke plant at the Cadiretta refinery in Nuevo LeónFor 15,400 million pesos.

Both projects were already brought up from previous administrations, but they have yet to be implemented.

Regarding the petrochemical business, the list released on Monday includes A. An ethane plant at the Pagaritos complex in Veracruz, For 2520 million pesos and a Fertilizer plant in Camargo, Chihuahua, For 1,155 million pesos.

Earlier, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced his plan to increase fertilizer production for the northern region of the country. In June 2019, it announced the rehabilitation of the Camargo fertilizer plant, mainly dedicated to the production of ammonia and urea.

Among the projects, there is only one so far associated with the Federal Electricity Authority. It Liquefaction unit in Salina Cruz, OaxacaWhich will allow the import of liquefied gas.

Construction will also start in 2021, with an investment of 25,200 million pesos.

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