I am stranded in the US and refuse to pay for a PCR test

I am stranded in the US and refuse to pay for a PCR test

A former pilot and inspector for the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) has traveled from the town of Anizacati in Cordoba to Miami for work, hoping to return to the country on Sunday if he can get a flight. It is a normal situation so far as a result of the epidemic that has stranded thousands of Argentines abroadNS Waiting for a place to return.

However, the Ricardo Zalazar case has other edges almost similar to that of the film because the former pilot is against paying the mandatory test fee and has even filed a criminal complaint in Cordoba. If you keep your promise, your case will be similar to the character in The Terminal, starring Tom Hanks.

As published by the portal Infobae“I am not rejecting mandatory testing, I am against paying for it,” Zalazar said. The inspector does not want to pay 2,500 pesos of PCR, which is part of the protocol required to enter the country From outside.

Before traveling to the United States, Zalazar expressed his disapproval of this measure and filed a criminal complaint with the Federal Court of Cordoba. There is a disclosure of “extortion work in the affidavit, and on the other hand it is accused of an illegal relationship between the national government and the responsible laboratory.

The note stated that the affidavit “obligates acceptance of the test without an alternative, and accommodation is at the expense of the passenger.” In turn, the signal “incriminates, persecutes, harasss, discriminates, hates, blackmails an Argentine citizen who travels abroad.”

He does not have a confirmed date for returning to the country, because due to his status as a former pilot, he has the possibility to join the waiting list subject to the availability of places, known as sublo tickets. “My idea is to return on Friday by American Airlines, I tried to redo the other previous flight but due to restrictions it was impossible,” he says.

“I have a room and a car and I work in Homestead in South Florida. I don’t have any financial complications, but this government has established my right to return to my homeland by setting up obstacles.”

Once in the country, Zalazar will appear at the Immigration and when they indicate the test, he will say that he will not, although he will not pay the prescribed fee. “I brought the negative swab from Miami, which was free. I’ll stay in transit for seven days of quarantine that I have to stick to, I don’t have any drama: There are free shops and restaurants…”, he explains.

“It is an unconstitutional assault. They charge people when this can be done for free in the municipality of Ezeiza, in addition to the fact that those of us who travel bring other negative tests in terms of origin and the applicable vaccine,” he argues.

The Terminal (2004) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

In the movie, The Terminal, Victor Navorsky, the character played by Tom Hanks, travels to New York from Krakosia (a fictional country), but to his surprise, when he lands at JF Kennedy Airport, neither his passport nor his visa. Valid on US soil and must live between transit rooms.

Zalazar explains that his action “is important. It is a way to put myself in the right place. I do it for Argentines who are suffering abroad. It is also a way to defend constitutional rights. With these administrative decisions they only harm us.”

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