Jamaica will seek reparations from Elizabeth II and the United Kingdom for the slave trade

Jamaica will seek reparations from Elizabeth II and the United Kingdom for the slave trade

Jamaica’s Minister of Culture, Gender, Recreation and Sports, Olivia Grange, announced that her country will seek compensation from Queen Elizabeth II NS UK government For his role in the slave trade.

“We are particularly pleased to report that we have taken further steps toward the pursuit of restorative justice for the victims and descendants of the transatlantic slave trade,” Grange said.

According to the official’s version, a petition is being prepared to the king and the British administration in order to compensate the citizens of the Caribbean nation for the transatlantic slave trade.

In addition to, The Minister confirmed that the request was supported by a majority The National Reform Council of Jamaica It was agreed that the country’s attorney general’s office would “evaluate the merits of the petition in the event that the Jamaican government participates in the petition.”

It is the responsibility of the Attorney General’s Office to file the petition on behalf of the people of Jamaica.Policy has been added.

This conflict dates back to 1655, when Jamaica became a British colony. It is estimated that from that time until 1838, at least three million people were mobilized from Africa to the United Kingdom and its colonies in the Americas and the Caribbean. across the Atlantic. Of these, about 2.7 million survived the sea voyage and were slaves.

The United Kingdom paid only slave families

in a 2015David Cameron, then British Prime Minister, visited Jamaica and received various calls to pay billions of pounds in reparations for colonial slavery.

It was exactly the same year that the Cameron administration She paid the first part of the debt she owed, but only to the slave families who demanded compensation for the abolition of slavery in 1833. However, demands still came, this time from enslaved children and great-grandchildren.

According to the documents of the British National Archives, Britain was one of the most successful countries in the slave trade to the island.

The United Kingdom was responsible for atrocities such as slavery and countless massacres in Jamaica, Ireland, Iraq, Tasmania, Malaysia, Afghanistan and India.

In addition, today Elizabeth II is officially known as the Queen of Jamaica, since the island nation is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, an organization led by the sovereign.

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