“I don’t know the names of all the children in my house.”

“I don’t know the names of all the children in my house.”

his name is Mzi Mousa Heshia, 67, a farmer, began his married life at the age of 16 In the town of Lusaka, located in Uganda. Since then, he has married 12 women and built the largest family with 102 children and 568 grandchildren.

In his town, polygamy is legal. Despite growing up in extreme poverty, Mzee soon managed to turn around and began accumulating wealth and prestige. Soon after, he becomes the chief of his village for several decades. The purpose of this mission was nothing but Make sure “yes” from the family Every time he showed interest in a woman.

Since he got married at the age of 16, he kept saying “I do” to different women until he was 21 years old. Until then, Mzee had only two children who threatened to exterminate his clan. My late father had two wives and only two children. This is the danger of extinction of our family and clan.Mzee explained.

In this way, the Ugandan farmer began to expand his family and fathered an additional 100 children to ensure the continuation of his bloodline. Mzee claims he cannot tell which of his children belong to which wife and he admits You don’t know all the children in your house by name.. About a third of the farmer’s children live with him and their wives in the house, the rest having started their own families.

The farmer asserted that he could never be satisfied with a single woman, and added that whoever accepts a single woman is “a sign of his birth.” Male, but with female hormones“.

The cost of living to support his entire family rose, causing six of his wives to leave home. “I had money, but four years ago, Their livestock business collapsed and the women began to leave One by one until there are six left,” admitted one of Mzee’s oldest sons.

Because of his financial problems, The farmer made the decision not to have any more children And advised their wives to take contraceptives so that they do not become pregnant again. Now, the work of continuing to expand his clan is being done by his children and grandchildren.

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