I want to float in the void of this car’s paint job

I want to float in the void of this car’s paint job

Driving around a car that appears to be made of the fabric of space is now a bit more possible, as shown in Modified black paint job that DipYourCar I applied to Mitsubishi Lancer. The resulting car, Spotted before GizmodoIt absorbs 99.4 percent of the light, but it has speckled bright spots that make it look like the night sky.

The project requires use of Musou Black Paint made by Koyo Orient Japan and application Hyper Shift, Pearly particles used to create shiny finishes on cars. After some messing with paint thinner the end result is amazing, even if it’s brittle and impractical like DipYourCar She suggests.

The effect is reminiscent of Vantablack, A light absorbent material made of carbon nanotubes. Vantablack onshore applications are well documented, from Cardboard holes in museums For other cars, Like this BMW. But this project actually highlights one of the more unusual aspects of the material. The rights to create art with Vantablack have been granted exclusively to one artist, Anish Kapoor. Vantablack “requires a specialized application to achieve its aesthetic effect,” according to Material Builder Surrey NanoSystemsKapoor appears to be one of the few people qualified to apply it. Kapoor’s licensing and other use of Vantablack in the military and aerospace industries have kept it out of reach of the average artist or car enthusiast, giving its visual impact an even more alluring quality.

Watch this video to learn more about Vantablack’s assets.

Paid exclusive to Vantablack Competition from other artists, And creating products like Musou Black, come close to replicating Vantablack’s true effects. You see with DipYourCarIt’s more than enough project. My advice is to point out some Proper space musicThrow in a gif of that car and drift into the weekend void. You’ve got it.

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