Idi Amin, the brutal and ruthless dictator who drowned his country with corpses


Eccentric and seductive, but above all, ruthless and brutal, he was “the last king of Scotland”, as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin called him one of the most bloodthirsty monarchs in Africa. Written by R. Padilla


400 thousand died during his nine years of dictatorial rule. “I want to be remembered as a great boxer,” he said in his last interview, referring to his beginnings as a fighter. Wouldn’t go down in history for that.

the beginning

He came to power in 1971 after a meteorite military march. With a height of 1.95 meters and weight of 110 kg, he is popular as a boxer. Earn the rank of sergeant with fists. He was granted the rank of lieutenant in 1962, when Uganda gained independence from Great Britain, and was awarded the Chief of General Staff in 1966 by the country’s first president, Milton Obote, for his services.

His assault on power

Then the life of parties, excesses and financial scandals begins. Obote tries to push him back, but Amin goes ahead: With a coup that was followed by a purge of unrelated soldiers, he came to power in 1971 with the approval of the West.

radical change

The era of terror begins: his soldiers roam the country plundering cities, raping women and planting gutters with corpses. Its African drift led to the expulsion of Asians in 1972, flooding the economy. West refuses to sell him weapons.

Terror in the family

Not even his women are immune from his brutality. After they disavowed the first, Kai ordered to maim it; The third Nora vanishes without a trace.

Their surnames

He calls himself “Great Father” or “President for life”, but what he loves most is the nickname “King of Scotland” for his admiration for the Scottish soldiers he encounters in the British colonial army. In his honor, wears a unit of the Ugandan army Kilt Marching to the beat of a bagpipe, he invites two of his sons, Campbell and Mackenzie.

Its ends

On April 11, 1979, he was overthrown by the Uganda National Liberation Front. He first sought refuge in Libya, where he traveled to Saudi Arabia, where he died in 2003 at the age of 78.

Appointment to date: October 2, 1975

It was the most surreal moment in his dictatorship. Fourteen men, five of them British, kneeling in front of Amin, were forced to join the Ugandan army and promised to fight the South African regime.

People said that …

After he was ousted, the heads of some of his opponents were found in his refrigerator. This sparked rumors of cannibalism. He reportedly denied this, saying, “I have tasted human meat and it’s too salty.”

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