If you have things to hide, then this new WhatsApp feature is for you

If you have things to hide, then this new WhatsApp feature is for you

From WhatsApp, they will satisfy users with hidden intentions: very soon we will be able to block conversations that will only be visible on our private wall, and will be protected with passwords or biometric data.

WhatsApp works on private chats that are hidden behind a password.

Although the Meta engineers aren’t particularly fast when it comes to fetching New features for WhatsAppThe truth is, the development of the most popular messaging platform on the planet practically never stops, with some versions beta In which we receive important news that should be stable soon, including an option similar to Telegram channels but better.

Of course there are many The news on the exit ramp is related to privacy and security, starting a new level for messages that self-destruct and even better, a new feature that allows us to It will allow you to block certain conversations and hide them from prying eyesit is even able to block access to it after a password or biometric data.

As always, our colleagues were anticipating this new post WaBetaInfowhich I found the so-called “Locked Chats” between jobs Issuance beta for Android deviceswhich is already available on the channel testers in the Google Play Store.

It comes to An extra layer of security Which will be added to the blocked chats, which we can access with a file Password or fingerprintwhich makes it possible The most secret conversations It is always kept, precisely, as a secret.

As you will see now, If you have something to hide it will charm youbecause WhatsApp will protect the conversations Even if you lend your phone or someone gains access to it to the messaging app.

If you have things to hide, then this new WhatsApp feature is for you

This is how “Locked Chats” are shown in WhatsApp Beta.

as they tell us, From the contact information itself or from the chat group we can mark that conversation as private And block it, so it will no longer appear in the WhatsApp library to be shown only after the list of blocked chats. This menu can only be accessed using the specified password or fingerprintmaking it nearly impossible for anyone snooping to access secret chats.

Of course, from Meta they also thought about multimedia files, so If a chat or group goes to your wall, the files it contains will also be private They will stop appearing at device fairs.

Marking a chat as private will be as simple as blocking it from contact or group info, and shared multimedia files will also go to the private wall and will no longer be shown in the device galleries.

Without a doubt, that is One of the most requested privacy options by users And that it will help to share the smartphone without any risk, since then We’ve been on our cell phones our entire lives now Practically, what can be shown and also what cannot be shown in most cases.

The worst is We do not know the level of development affiliate “Locked Chats” nor when they will be available In the stable versions of WhatsApp, so we will have to content ourselves with finding out They will arrive sooner rather than later And be patient while we wait.

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