IFT and Cofece will not be touched, Economia says


Economy Minister Tatiana Klother revealed that she recently spoke with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and personally told him that the Federal Institute of Communications (IFT) and the Federal Commission for Economic Competition (Cofece) have obligations to fulfill in the Freedom Treaty. Trade with the United States and Canada (T-MEC) He said the executive responded that it would not be affected.

When participating in the plenary session of Morena’s Deputies, Tatiana Klother told her former lawmakers that President Lopez Obrador indicated that what was agreed in this trade agreement would be respected.

“There are related issues at T-MEC pertaining to some independent constitutional bodies, the President of the Republic has said that he is making a proposal to send in some initiatives for change. I spoke to him personally and told him that FBI and Cofece have, in a way, an obligation within T-MEC itself. And the president said that these matters will not be compromised and we will respect what was agreed upon. He said, “Leave it with you on the table for your knowledge.”

It must be remembered that on January 8, the President announced in his morning conference that he was preparing to present reforms to eliminate independent organizations and that they would be absorbed by various federal agencies and thus hundreds of thousands of pesos would be saved.

In addition, it was reported on January 15 that in his plan he made clear that the first to be absorbed would be those who did not need legal reform and that had been created by the executive branch.

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