‘I’ll be from the left’: Chomel Torres mocked for his political stance

Chomel Torres spoke for over an hour and a half with Diego Rosarin (Photo: screenshot from Twitter / @jav_hurtado).

A video has spread in social networks where a YouTuber can be heard Chomel Torres Declare yourself as a person with a left-wing ideology; However, he later agreed that his concept aligns more with individual ideas than with group ideas.

By definition, I would be a leftist […] Because the case is liberal, it is in favor of reproductive rights, gay rights, legalization…the issue is that this left no longer exists, ” The pulse of the republic.

Given the profile given by the influencer, YouTube channel host, Diego Rosarin, He pointed out that the concepts of liberalism are closer to the center-right and immediately asked him: What is more important to you? The individual or the collective?The guest replied “Individual”. What continues later in the video is Chomel Torres accepting that his belief is in the right, not the “progressive left.”

“You have to study to avoid being as silly as ChumelTorres in this conversation with @DiegoRuzzarin. He is from the right (of the most suffering) even if he feels the oppositeJavier Hurtado, the netizen who shared the video, wrote Chomel Torres was a socialist and he didn’t know it… Which soon spread on Twitter.

Video: Twitter / @jav_hurtado

The video fills up quickly sarcastic comments former presenter of HBO Not knowing how to defend their political position And he speaks every five words with an English term, although he has also been congratulated (sarcastically) for finally accepting that he is a right-wing.

“This happens when you want to be something you don’t want to be, he and his team are good at making people laugh, and that gave them good results, But the desire to be a good political analyst requires studies and knowledgeOne Internet user wrote.

The worst thing about the full interview is that Chomel speaks English every 5 words. Nothing bothers me more than anyone else,” another Twitter user wrote.

While playing the original video, criticism also spread to the creator of Machine 501: “I thought Chumel Torres had bad reactions due to his political idealism, but now I see him as an ignorant being, is derived from the absence of thought in various aspects. I also believe that in fact she suffers from manipulation by elite leaders based on her lack of intelligence. Poor thing! “.

The entrepreneur and YouTuber began exchanging words (Image: screenshot from Twitter @ChumelTorres).
The entrepreneur and YouTuber began exchanging words (Image: screenshot from Twitter @ChumelTorres).

However, the person who watched the video and ordered the creator to finish elementary school is the entrepreneur Simon Levy: “Darling @chumelTorres…to discuss simple numbers, Before I think, you should finish primary school, if not, alone You end up doing silly. Go to IG, there are free classes. Did you hear yourself? “

The businessman’s words came in response to the criticism leveled at him by Torres via a tweet at noon on Monday, July 12. The influencer indicated that there were errors in the methods Levy tried to explain to him about capitalism and how it created more poverty than Cuban socialism.

My friend, 12 million Cubans are all Cubans. 700 million in the world 10% of the world. Your “demo” It just shows that neoliberal capitalism generates less poverty“Check it out,” Chomel said.

For Chumel, Q4 does not accept tyranny (Image: screenshot from Twitter @ChumelTorres).
For Chumel, Q4 does not accept tyranny (Image: screenshot from Twitter @ChumelTorres).

Although it wasn’t the only reason why Torres turned into a trend, it was also because of The criticism against the fourth transformation through Stephanie Fellowes Because of the current situation in Cuba: “You won’t see tyranny even if it hits you in the face.”

His sharp criticism was due to Fellowes’ tweet on Twitter that the island has many basic human rights, but which conservatives despise: “Cuba has: legal abortion. Universal health coverage; national days to combat homophobia and transphobia; free education; decent work rights.” This is why conservative groups despise Cuba“.

however, Young influencer did not respond to the answer made by Shumel for his opinion on the social and political problems facing the Caribbean island.

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