In 1983 they wrote Steve Jobs a letter asking for his autograph, which he replied

In 1983 they wrote Steve Jobs a letter asking for his autograph, which he replied

Steve Jobs didn’t usually sign autographs, so a user sent him a letter and this is what the Apple founder replied to.

Steve Jobs was a The most unusual personWe know him from all the stories we know. Where Make fun of competitive cell phonesAnd the He ruthlessly criticized the latest Marvel movie also Throw iPhone on the grounduntil Laugh at Windows in full view.

And now we get a new story that we didn’t know. Steve Jobs was not very inclined to sign autographsbut the user wrote a letter For him to send one. However, the co-founder of Apple himself responded by saying the following:

Steve Jobs message

Steve Jobs responded in this way to whoever sent him a letter to get an autograph

Dear Mr. Varun, I am honored that you are writing, but I am afraid I do not sign autographs. Sincerely, Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs signed the letter just below the typed text. he is called, Jobs sent a signature to this user, albeit in his own way. With a dedicated letter indicating that he did not. something very jobs-esque.

curiously, This letter signed by Steve Jobs has much more value than his simple signature. We can see that it is an official message from Apple from 1983, with the logo of that time on top, as well as the address that was at Apple’s headquarters at that time.

Another one of those Great stories about jobs, which is more strange. like this Note that it stays stuck for more than 10 years in front of the microwave or when He throws his iPod into a fish tank to prove it right.

Steve Jobs: 40 Weird and Surprising Facts About the Co-Founder of Apple

curiously, These types of items can be worth a lot of money.. Some of them were recently auctioned off his shoes for thousands of dollars s Her business cards have also reached extraordinary values.

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