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A woman in Arkansas, in United State, Sentenced 36 years in prison After she confessed that she killed her grandmother with a hammer because, she said, “God told him that he should do that.”

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the killer Andrea Wilson, A native of Bentonville, who accepted the charges Willful killing, tampering with physical evidence, severe beatings, third-degree assault. He pleaded guilty on April 12.

According to an investigation that was revealed during the trial and shared with the media, Wilson went to visit Ruby RossI found him May 15, 2018.

After they had dinner together, the old woman went to sleep and once Wilson was helpless He hit her four times on the head with a hammer.

In her defense, the 28-year-old stated that she believed this “God has told her that she needs a sacrifice, or else they will send her to Hell.”. It seems that this was not enough on the morning of the same day Run over a cyclist In his car, while crossing the street at the pedestrian crossing.

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Jonathan HamptonThe arrogant athlete declared that the woman was not satisfied with hitting him once, Try to get back to it But his car hit a stone and tripped. The amazing thing is that Wilson He had the nerve to ask for help To unlock your car.

“From moment to moment, his condition and eyes changed.”Hampton told the judge. However, he added that it sounded normal. According to court records published by US media “Fox2now”The woman admitted that she tried to run over the man in an attempt to make his sacrifice to God, but was unsuccessful.

Then he decided to kill his grandmother Mrs. Ross, to please God. According to the report. This is how the American media covered the news.

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The convicted woman has now undergone psychological and psychological examinations as part of the criminal trial procedures. Evidence that showed this I wasn’t taking the prescribed lithium That prevented episodes of mania since then Diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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