They force a black player to sit in a cupboard with hanging bananas


The protagonist in the video is a young man Black american football player Forced to sit in a closet from which bananas hang. The video is under investigation by the police, who confirmed this Already identified the culprits Of this unfortunate and shameful incident.

On the night of April 9, 2021, Moline Police learned of a shocking viral video that had been circulating on social media. A video clip showed a disturbing racist scene involving a football player at Moline High School in the locker room. All the athletes who were involved in the accident and the circumstances surrounding the video have already been identified, “Milene Police Chief stated, Darren Gault.


In the video you can see how the black operator companion He forces him to sit on his wardrobe and threatens to break his legs if he does not.

Darren Gault described the incident as “unacceptable”.

We all agree that, regardless of whether students consider it a joke, It is unacceptable behavior. It’s a disgusting way to engage with a teammateA human being and a friend, “Gault explained.

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