India: heavy rain causes flooding; Million people stranded

India: heavy rain causes flooding;  Million people stranded
rain Rivers overflowed north India, cause flood That leaves hundreds of thousands of people stranded. Pictures: Reuters.

Millions of people are stranded in villages IndiaSome of them are on their rooftops, or have fled to more High in the Northeast, due to flood from river floods caused by Is raining copious.

  • According to local media, flood by Is raining It was about a week

citizens India They use makeshift boats to get around In the villages of Morigaon DistrictAssam: The Brahmaputra River and its tributaries overflowed on Saturday over 15 districts, affecting 2,251,501 people.

The current wave of flood because of the strong Is raining employment Watershed affected areas The cities of Paksa, Barpita, Biswanath, Bungaigaon, Chirang, Dimaji, Dibrugarh, Gulagat, Yurhat, Lakhimpur, Majuli, Morigaon, Sivasagar, Suntpur and Tinsukia and 512 cities.

flood employment India

  • Some towns have recorded floods of up to two metres
  • Every year, this effect is exacerbated by climate change

authorities India They released water from the dams for fear of collapsing walls. Millions of people are stranded in isolated villages flood. According to the state governments, About 400,000 people have been displaced to higher ground in search of shelter.

Anwara Khatun, 16, spent days on the roof of her family’s home in Marigaon district in Assam. Photo: Reuters.

swept car flood who wreaked havoc on Uttarakhand; The Pictures show the white car on the go between water Is raining copious. Meteorology Department India (IMD) has issued an orange alert in Uttarakhand.

India and intense Is raining

In an interview with AFP, Anwara Khatun said:

“The water level has been rising for five days. Many families are trapped on their rooftops. There is a shortage of basic items, so we only eat once a day. There is no hygiene here”.

The flood by Is raining It also threatens Kaziranga National Park, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, because The world’s first protected area for More than 2000 rhinos India.

Citizens design rafts to circumvent flood that make their homes disappear. Photo: Reuters.

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