Industrialization boosts Puebla’s economy


Puebla state’s economic activity grew by 28.3% during the third quarter of 2020, an increase that puts the entity first in growth across the country, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

In the framework of the second government report of Head of State Miguel Barbosa Huerta, the Minister of Economy, Olivia Salomon, explained that the trend towards economic deterioration recorded during the first quarter of 2020 began to return from the second semester of the same year. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

This change in the entity’s performance came from the increase in the value of manufacturing production as of last July and sales abroad that have continued the trend since August to date, with exports equal to 63% of the country’s GDP, worth 599,000 million pesos.

Another issue to highlight is the industrial activity in Puebla, which achieved an average monthly growth of 31.6% between June and August 2020, and reached a production value from July to October above 187,000 million barrels.

The quarterly indicator of the state’s economic activity, prepared by Engy, confirmed that the entity achieved the highest recovery among the 32 states in the country, driven by industrial activities in the third quarter of 2020, which also grew by 95.5% during the second quarter of the past. Year.

In the same period, the manufacturing and construction sectors increased by 128.2% and 35.8%, respectively. While others, such as mining, showed a growth of 29.8% compared to the previous quarter.

Promote high impact companies

To counter the economic setbacks exacerbated by the current health crisis, the state government is working to strengthen entrepreneurs in the entity, as well as encouraging small, medium and micro enterprises.

In this sense, the support provided to MSMEs through business diagnostics, consultations, training courses and workshops to protect health in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, stands out.

With regard to the productive chain, Puebla launched the High Impact Companies Program, in which interministerial forums with producers and artisans were held in 57 municipalities, belonging to 21 regions of Puebla, attended by more than 1,750 people and 38 unified teams.

In addition, other economic promotion measures are being implemented, such as placing 118 Puebla products in the Mexico Pride program, UNAM stores, in 52 physical stores and in the virtual store of HEB, an important supermarket chain, with a presence in the northern and shallow regions of the country .

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