Intel offers to manufacture the Apple M1 chips in the US


Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, appears to want to fundamentally change the way the company operates. The company announced its named strategy IDM 2.0. This will be provided with A $ 20 billion investment for a plant in Arizona.

This will be responsible for developing Intel 7nm chipsets and unlocks the possibility of Manufacturing chips for other companiesS, including ARM. Intel seems to want to regain its dominance and will do so in a remarkable manner in the face of a shortage of chips.

Intel will offer to manufacture chips for other companies

This information originates from Business Wire You mentioned Pat Gelsinger wants to develop Intel’s business model. With him «Manufacturing Integrated Devices» o IDM 2.0 that the giant of Santa Clara wants Expanding its operations beyond manufacturing its own chips.

The company will start this process with an investment of $ 20 billion to create Two new plants in Chandler, Arizona. In 2020, they opened the first factory responsible for producing 10nm chips and the two new plants are expected to start manufacturing this year.

Intel struggled to create its first 7nm processor, the so-called Meteor lake. Its design is expected to be completed this year and to begin shipping in 2023. However, Intel now wants to overtake its own chips. Due to processor production shortages, Intel will offer its facilities in Europe and the US so that other companies can transfer manufacturing to Intel.

As part of Intel’s founding services, the company announces that it will work with customers to build SoCs with x86, Arm, and RISC-V cores, as well as leveraging a suite of basic design and packaging technologies.

The funny thing is that Intel ARM reported directly And Gelsinger explained that. He wants to give Tim Cook the power to do that Manufacture of Apple M1 processors in your facility.

Gelsinger mentioned that Intel is currently working with partners, including Amazon, Cisco, IBM and Microsoft. But he pushed a bit more during a question-and-answer session with the press, saying he’s stalking Apple’s business.

Gelsinger Revolution

The CEO change seems to be working very well for Intel. While this is true He has yet to regain the enthusiasm he was in last year In manufacturing your chips, meeting other companies’ demand is a great strategy. Gelsinger knows their products are of high manufacturing quality and wants to compete with TSM (Taiwan Semiconductor).

In the face of ex-CEO ostracism and boredom, Gelsinger offers solutions for the company and New business line. We’ll see if this provides enough boost for those in Santa Clara and offers more competition for ARM and AMD.

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