Why most young people no longer know what a sewing machine is and how to correct it


Sewing has always been with us since humans started covering themselves with clothes. Even before the invention of the sewing machine, sewing was done by hand. People gathered pieces of fabric together using a needle and thread. Although the process was arduous and the handover of this production was little. But with the advent of the sewing machine, sewing improved and became less cumbersome and more productive. However, it is unfortunate that most young people today do not know what a sewing machine is, because sewing is now computerized and human efforts are not required much. Besides being a way to make wearable devices, tailoring helps a person save money, creativity, innovation, express oneself and even give a sense of achievement. As such, young people will gain a lot of tailoring. Here are ways we can raise awareness of sewing among young people;

Sewing should be taught at home

Every young man who came from a family, they had a home. Since the home is the number one factor of socialization, any skill that young adults should drink at home must be taught for better retention. If every household has a sewing machine, as curious creatures, kids will want to practice with it. As such, they will grow up to be young men who do not find the concept of a sewing machine strange. Even if young people do not show interest at first, they will know that a sewing machine can be very entertaining and inspiring when you see your creativity. Top selling Sewing Machines of 2021

Sewing should be included in the school curriculum

School is the second factor of socialization. During the growing period, most of the things that children know are taught in schools. Habits, skills, mindset, knowledge, experience, etc.are picked up in school. As such, many young people will know more about sewing, including what a sewing machine looks like and how it is operated, and thus have a community in which the younger generation and the elderly have equal knowledge of sewing. Schools and individuals will need to have a sewing machine. There are a lot of prices when looking to purchase a sewing machine. Hence, we can search for the device that meets the job we are interested in and / or our budget.

Sewing should be portrayed as an honorable job in society

Another reason that prevents young people from knowing what a sewing machine looks like is that most people in society associate sewing with a low social class. For example, people are more likely to look to a doctor or CEO higher than someone who sews. As such, stitching is depicted in an unappealing manner. However, the narratives are changing since the sewing industry is computerized and fashion becomes one of the stakeholders in society. Sewing should be portrayed as an honorable job in society to encourage more people to learn it.

Young people themselves must search for what they can make with their own hands

Making something with your own hands helps you to be more creative and innovative. Besides, it is a great form of treatment. It’s also a way to connect with yourself, reach the deepest parts of your being and connect with the genius deep within you. Moreover, making things with your own hands gives you a rare sense of accomplishment and complacency about yourself. In search of what they can do with their hands even in this computer age, young people will come across sewing as part of the options. With this in mind, they can develop interest in it and consider pursuing it as a profession.

Parents, tutors, and other authorities should not discourage their little ones from sewing

Some parents and counselors try to distance their children from skills that require the use of hands. Some even believe that such skills are inferior to their own children and socially backward. As long as these guys consider their heads continue to do so, most young men may never recognize the meaning of vision, let alone know what a sewing machine looks like. Also, young people who willingly decide to learn the skill and explore the field should not be discouraged. Instead, they should be supported.

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