Intelect Search completes and delivers a hospital in Kicwamba, Uganda


As part of its corporate social responsibility program, Intelect Search has completed its second project in Kicwamba, a rural area a seven-hour drive from the Ugandan capital, Kampala. In 2017, CEOs of the consulting firm visited that area In 2018, Intelect Search funded 100% of the construction of a maternity hospital About 500 babies are born a year in a community of about 6000 families.

Last June, the hospital, which began construction in November 2019, was completed. This project is the entity It aims to “improve the living conditions of the local community”They are arguing. The project is 100% funded by consulting firm Intelect Search and they already have “excellent facilities,” as they explain.

The consulting firm asserts that the intent of the Intelectsearch Foundation and Nakupenda Foundation projects is to “support children in health and education”. In this case, for the second time, she supports a project run by Africa Directo, a “guarantee of success” for the consulting firm, as it has been helping underprivileged people in 22 countries for 25 years.

Intelect Search was established in 2006 and specializes in searching for wealth agents and bankers for international financial institutions and management companies. In 2019, it has completed more than 40 successful projects for its clients.

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