IP asks US to remove visas from lawmakers and officials who support electricity reform – El Financiero

IP asks US to remove visas from lawmakers and officials who support electricity reform – El Financiero

Lawmakers and officials who support changes in electricity reform should be punished US and Canadian embassies It was founded in Mexico, because it threatens the certainty that there must be for the foreign investment that comes into the country, said Juan Carlos Pérez Gongora, President Mexican Business Council.

They should be punished Cancellation of their visas and residence permits And even if there are fines, they should be collected from the assets these figures own in the United States and Canada so as not to harm the Mexican treasury. Of course, the son of President Lopez Obrador, who lives comfortably in Texas, must be included.”

In addition to the president’s son, Juan Carlos Pérez put Gongora “in the same basket” Nahla Al-NadaMinister of Energy; Tatiana ClotheerMinister of Economy and Minister of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandezas well as conservatives who have come out to defend President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s proposal, which he said discourages foreign investment in the country and creates a climate of mistrust.

He added that the obligations set forth in Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) They should be honored and not act on whim or events.

“Only in this way will we advance in the job creation and economic revitalization that the country needs,” the Mexican Business Council warned.

So, in the next few days, Juan Carlos Pérez Gongora will send messages To the embassies of the United States and Canada in Mexico in order to expose the disagreement between the business community in the position of legislators and officials who are promoting changes in Mexican electricity law.

Mexicans won’t pay any penalty you will surely pay They will have to impose The governments of Canada and the United States due to the lack of clarity in the words of officials and legislators, for which we suggest that both governments use legal tools to punish those who promote changes in electricity reform that harm domestic and foreign investors,” he declared.

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