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Iran refused on Saturday, a few days earlier From meeting with members of the nuclear agreement in Vienna, and raising it Gradual sanctions imposed by the United States made it clear that everyone
American sanctions should be lifted. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Gatebzadeh said Today, “as has been said many times, it is not a phased plan.” Step by step, “the official English-language Press TV reported.

“The final policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is Gatabzadeh stressed the lifting of all US sanctions. The members of the nuclear deal have arranged to meet in person Next Tuesday in Vienna to address the sanctions issue and Enforcement measures in the nuclear field.

Gatebzadeh’s comments come after comments from Yesterday, Friday, from the Deputy Spokesman for the US State Department United, Galina Porter, on the focus of the talks in Vienna.

Porter said the discussion in Vienna would focus on “steps The nuclear weapons that Iran will need to return to compliance with The nuclear deal “and on the” sanctions relief steps “that the United States It must give in order to return to its obligations.

Iran and the six major countries (China, the United States, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany) to a nuclear agreement, through Which promised Iran in return to limit its nuclear activities Lifting international sanctions.

In 2018, under Donald Trump, the United States withdrew from that And harsh sanctions were imposed on Iran and the Tehran government, In response, he gradually stopped fulfilling his obligations.

The arrival of Democrat Joe Biden to the White House gave hope To the possibility of maintaining the Iranian nuclear deal. Iran refuses to hold direct talks with the United States or that country Participate in any of these meetings, so the negotiations It is mainly implemented through European partners.

So, at a meeting on Tuesday in Vienna, where they will be present All US signers are expected to remain Outside the meeting room between the rest of the signatories to the agreement And Iran.

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