Is Danilo Carrera making a movie in the United States?


Actor Danilo Carrera appears to be filming a movie in the US, which is the dream the 32-year-old had for a long time. At the end of last year, the artist ended his relationship with Michel Reno, because he had many career dreams that he wanted to fulfill.

“In these times, everything is known, so social networks give us evidence of that, actor Danilo Carrera He is shooting a movie in the United States. From your point of view, the sites are in a jungle with a team of American and British filmmakers and are scenes from a project that hasn’t been said much yet.

The actor has already worked on other film projects such as ‘Complicarlo Todo’., In 2018; “Nelly” and “It was me,” journalist Juan José Origel mentioned in his column “Vida e Milagros”.

Actor prepares to release “When No One Sees Me” book

Until now, the actor has not said anything about her, But he is very active in his social networks promoting the launch of his book When No One Seees Me.

Today we start the week with many new things, One of those news is that my book will soon be in bookstores, but if you don’t want to wait, you can still go to and order it !! Thanks to everyone who shared this story, “Carrera wrote on Twitter.

Danilo Carrera with his new girlfriend?

In the past days she was seen The actor accompanied by Valeria Gutierrez, Ex-Miss Ecuador, so Michelle fans lose hope of seeing them together again. “Well, good for me, bad for him or the other way around, but eventually it will happen, it is a part of life. I hope he finds the woman who makes him the happiest in the world and time will tell when it should happen, but I think that when you really love someone, you are Glad that he’s doing well, “Reno told him. Wake Up America Program.

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