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The Ministry of Health has submitted to the National Council of Health (Kunasa) the draft new measurement standards for traffic signaling for epidemiological risks.

Through a statement, the agency noted, without specifying what the changes were, that the new criteria “respond to the current dynamics of infection, hospitalization, and mortality, as well as ages primarily affected by the epidemic.”

According to Director General of Health Information, Dwight Dyer Lill, quoted in the document, “The new methodological proposal provides greater breadth for continuity of socioeconomic activities, favoring the base number of reproduction or Rt and rates of hospitalization and mortality trends as early warning indicators for timely action as risks increase.”

In this regard, the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatel Ramírez, considered that the new assessment system would be a useful tool for the implementation and provision of health measures and the management of the epidemic by state authorities.

In this panorama of the changes, the agency did not provide, on Friday, July 16, the weekly light of the epidemic risks and did not provide any explanation in this regard.

According to the statement, at the virtual meeting with Kunasa and chaired by Health Minister Jorge Alcocer Varela, a new project was presented. Clinical guide to treating COVID-19 in Mexico.

The Director-General of the National Center for the Prevention and Concern for HIV and AIDS (Censida), Alethse de la Torre Rosas, explained that the proposal Guide Purpose To establish guidelines for health professionals from public and private medical units to prescribe beneficial medications based on scientific evidence for people with COVID-19.

This new guide is in addition to the guide in place since July 2020, and is A guide to managing COVID-19 in a primary health care context.

The document concluded that the draft documents were sent to each of the Kunasa members for their knowledge and application.

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