Is the medical profession an excuse for a lot of work?


The medical profession is something many doctors can boast about, but it is not a reason to “swallow” any kind of situation that violates their rights. This is how anesthesiologist Elena Casado expressed it from her Twitter profile.

When you ask why Despite the working conditions People still want to be healthy: this is called profession‘The doctor ponders.’ When I chose a selective career I only put it in medicine as an option. If you don’t enter I didn’t see myself doing anything else“.

However, he made it clear in his post that this interest and taste for the profession is not an excuse for it overwork Where professionals or assaults by patients. Our invitation does not give you the right to mistreat us.”

These words sparked controversy in the social network, with some users considering that “everyone wants to be healthy nowadays because of the high probability of winning.” good salary Immediately after completion of the degree and high probability of employment. “A few words were contradicted by the Spanish MIR association, referring to the report of the Study Center of the Union of Doctors of Granada in which they refer to the salaries of residents in the various autonomous communities.

The medical reality of job instability

However, other colleagues in the profession agree with the words of Elena Casado. “My condition is the same. I just wanted the medicine.
And then indeed, among politicians, leaders and others … they are responsible for upending your courage and making everything unpleasant, ”the emergency doctor contributes.

“I think the vast majority of us do it out of invitation. Then the hosts arrive against the wall of reality, job instability, Month-long contracts, put the finger on when you finish your stay…and burn with the system,” says the endocrinologist.

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