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Sixty years ago, on January 31, 1961, Ham chimpanzees became the first president to make a trip into space and gave the United States hope to get astronauts out Land.

pork Belongs to the Center for Aerospace Medicine Holoman (USA)Where he learned to perform some of the basic functions of steerage Thanks to your training, Hamm managed to reach an altitude of 253 kilometers and stayed for seven minutes in weightless condition.

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The trip took place within the project Mercury To simulate the experience of the first human astronaut. The Redstone 2 missile took off without incident, but a problem with the rocket’s throttle regulator resulted in an acceleration that would not be resolved until it ran out of liquid oxygen.

Despite the fact that the flight lasted 16 minutes and 39 seconds and the capsule landed in the Atlantic Ocean, 679 kilometers from the take-off point, the chimpanzees, according to NASA, were the very first “aura of hope” of near. Future men can travel to space.

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Before Ham, the US Space Agency had already tried, up to six times, sending monkeys into outer space, but none of them survived the flight.

Two months later, on April 12th, A. Soviet UnionHe gave the bell with the first manned orbital flight the brilliance of Yuri Gagarin. The United States was not able to send an astronaut away from Earth until May 9, with Alan Shepard, and the flight was only suborbital. It will be John Glenn, already in May 1962, who will match Gagarin’s achievement in orbital flight.

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