James Rodriguez will return to training with Olympiacos: when will his next match be

James Rodriguez will return to training with Olympiacos: when will his next match be
The Colombian player arrived in the last season at Olympiacos. Taken from Olympiacosfc

James Rodriguez missed the last match Olympiacos in the Greek Super League Because of the small muscle discomfort he returned after matches Colombia Choice. The midfielder presented a calf impairment, an injury he suffered in recent years during his calf spells. Everton in England and Al Rayyan in Qatari football. However, this will not be something to worry about and he will be back in training this week.

Fitness Trainer Mitchell Gonzalezwho led his first match against atromet And he officially started his second session in the most important club in the Emirates Greek footballHe stressed that the decision not to include the Colombian was in order to avoid a major problem. In addition, he expressed his happiness with the support of the fans and the good partnership that existed with the arrival of two great footballing personalities like mosques And the Brazilian Marcelo, former Real Madrid:

“James is coming off a minor injury in his game with the national team and as with all the players we don’t want to lose him because we are in a hurry to see him play. Maybe I didn’t show him much and you didn’t understand him but I was really excited at first because it was like going back eight years. , and watching our fans sing. It might not seem like it, but suddenly I’m younger.”

according to him Daily FOS from GreeceAnd the James Rodriguez Will return to training in a sports venue between Wednesday, October 5 and Thursday, October 6 of the same month. This will allow the Colombian player who scored against Guatemala in FIFA history in September to be included in the squad for the upcoming match in Greek Premier League Sunday 9th September at 8am before OFI.

The Colombian recently appeared in front of the media in a renewal Stewixmann As the main sponsor of the team with the most titles in Greece. There, apart from James thanking the private company for renewing the bond and signing some T-shirts, he expressed his happiness at getting to Olympiacos He hopes to repay the people’s love with important titles and performances on the field:

“I am very happy to be here and work to bring Olympiacos On the top. We will do our best to continue on the path of success and titles, because the club and our fans deserve it. We work every day to be the winners at the end of the season.”

Mateos Uribe, another victim of the “FIFA virus” with the Colombian national team

Mateus Uribe He had to undergo surgery after the match where he was Porto Defeated 4-1 to Sporting Braga The Colombian midfielder was one of the most prominent players. The footballer acted throughout the match and had a protection in his right hand to prevent Notch from playing the match with peace of mind. The injury was with Colombia Choice through history September FIFA.

The midfielder played the match only against Guatemala On September 24th after being included by Nestor Lorenzo In his first call as coach of the Colombian national team. There he was on the field for 72 minutes after being substituted Yasser Asprilla. It was even the meeting with the choice Mexico In Santa Clara, California, which became known about the injury he sustained in that first duel, Matheus Uribe.

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