Japan encourages its companies to invest in Africa

Japan encourages its companies to invest in Africa

Japan, which had until now been a major donor of development aid to Africa, began encouraging its companies to do business in this part of the world.

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By Gonzalo Robledo, our correspondent in Tokyo.

At the Seventh International Conference on African Development, being held this week in the port of Yokohama, neighboring Tokyo, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his government's unwavering support for Japanese companies that want to invest in a continent rich in natural resources and growing growth. Economic potential.

Japanese support also aims to obtain African votes for its nomination as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, and to increase its presence on a continent where the expansion of the Chinese economy has already begun to strengthen.

The triennial meeting to aid Africa is a Japanese initiative founded in 1993.

Despite the long relationship with donors, Japanese businessmen assert that Japan is unable to strengthen its presence in Africa due to factors affecting that continent, such as insecurity, the inefficiency of its legal systems and corruption.

The Japanese press noted that it was not possible to obtain in advance a list of the names of nearly 40 African leaders invited this year to attend the event, as the Tokyo government fears a last-minute cancellation apparently due to Chinese pressure.

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