Jasikevicius’ profile sparks interest in United States

Jasikevicius’ profile sparks interest in United States

The siren songs are back inviting Saras Gacyevicious to try their luck in the NBA. The Barcelona coach was the only European coach mentioned in the list of future prospects for the league published by ESPN, the leader in information about the American competition. Lithuanian coach who He was already in the selection process to coach the Memphis Grizzlies in 2019On the other side of the Atlantic, he is reappearing strongly thanks to his excellent performances with Barcelona.

“He quickly emerged as one of the most attractive coaches on the world stage,” Written by Kevin Arnovitz In an article that also mentions Jay WrightVilanova’s historic coach, and Fajr Stalythe coach who chose Watch Becky Hammon as the first potential female head coach position in the NBA.

In addition to the job with Memphis, Jasikevicius has also received an offer to be an assistant coach for the Toronto Raptors. by Nick a nurse a few years ago. The Lithuanian then chose to stay in Europe, where he continues to win this season with Barcelona. In the United States they keep budgies.


The Barcelona basketball coach congratulated his players in the locker room after Bayern’s elimination at the Palau Blaugrana stadium.

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