Jeff Luno, “Science and Art” architect, leads the new Leganés team

Jeff Luno, “Science and Art” architect, leads the new Leganés team

Madrid, June 23 (Europe Press) –

The new owner of Leganés, Jeff Luhnow, is now the official president of the club in southern Madrid, which he intends to promote in the coming years – through a long-term project – based on pillars such as youth academy and data’, the keys to its development since this same campaign, the third Running for Pepineros in the SmartBank League.

The sale by previous owners, Victoria Pavon and Felipe Moreno, after 14 seasons in charge, leaves Lonhau at the helm of La Liga, where the last deposit will be hard to beat. The past decade has been the blue and white club’s most illustrious: from Segunda B to Primera, two promotions and countless unforgettable matches until they secured a place in the national elite.

The task of the Mexican-American engineer, who has been negotiating a move for several months, will not be easy despite the fact that recent seasons have been more frivolous in Butarque. To go down to the second, Pepineros added two cycles full of ups and downs. Although they fought for promotion in their first campaign, the latter was a long way off.

Luhnow, owner of Blue Crow Sports, wants to make a paradigm shift with the background that his experience as a manager in other sports provides. He is currently the president of Cancun FC and has been truly revolutionary with his analytics systems in the North American Baseball League at the St. Louis Cardinals and with the Houston Astros.

For the entrepreneur and engineer, the University of Pennsylvania graduate, a role model in Spain is Villarreal, who is admired for his commitment to academia and youth. The future sale of these players will allow the club to continue to grow while increasing income. This is Lunhao’s unforgettable departure from the importance of integrating into the city.

Recognizing the needs of Lega fans, Lunhow wants to engage in the social fabric of respecting history and relive the best moments of Lega based on a magic formula: science + art. Data and information as strength but also the sum of talent and improvisation as the basis for success in the sport.

The idea of ​​working with the Carlos III University of Madrid, based in Leganes, is in his head, in order to implement the decision-making process not only on the pitch, but also in the offices. The new President of Leganenses arrives with several members of his team who are experts in ‘Big Data’.

In addition, Luhnow will retain the entire staff of the club, according to the agreement reached with Felipe Moreno, and will not touch the things that are well done, which are many, according to the new owner of Lega, who will also begin with the settlement of the plot of the technical secretariat, where Txema will continue Indias.

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