Joe Biden imposes sanctions on Burmese military over the coup


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The United States government today announced this Imposing sanctions on Burma (Myanmar) After that country’s armed forces took power more than a week ago through a coup and arrested several political figures, including de facto ruler Aung San Suu Kyi.

It was President Joe Biden who announced that he had issued an executive order preventing Burmese generals from accessing $ 1 billion in assets in the United States, a penalty that, according to the president himself, could be in others.

The US president said: “The armed forces must give up the power they have taken and respect the will of the Burmese people.”

The military government of the Asian nation changed the name of the state in 1989, from Burma to the “Union of Myanmar,” a fact that not all residents of that nation agree with.

Biden said the sanctions had frozen the accounts of military leaders in Burma, but that It will not affect the provision of aid to health programsCivil society and other areas for the benefit of the people. He added that his administration will set specific targets for the sanctions in the coming days.

Burmese are making themselves heard Before the watchful eye of the world (…) “We are ready to take additional measures and will continue to cooperate with our international partners to urge other countries to join us in these efforts,” he added.

Before Biden’s words, mass protests erupted again in the streets of Burma against the coup, even after the security forces intensified their repressive measures and raided the headquarters of Suu Kyi’s party.

It remains to be seen whether the White House sanctions will affect the Burmese military system, many of whose military is already subject to sanctions for attacks on the Rohingya Muslim community.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a supporter of Suu Kyi, said he appreciated Biden’s policy of “seeking help from Congress to take swift and practical steps to restore democracy in Burma.”

“I hope all countries that respect democracy and the rule of law will join the United States in imposing sanctions on the junta,” the senator said.


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