Join Earth Hour. So you can be part of this initiative

Join Earth Hour.  So you can be part of this initiative
Earth Hour is so much more than just turning off the lights, it’s the largest environmental movement in history.

Earth Hour, one of the largest movements happening worldwide in favor of nature and climate, which I organized World Wildfire Fund (WWF), It takes place every March 25th and this year will be no exception.

At exactly 8:30 pm, Colombian time, the 60 minutes will begin to appear in which all Colombian citizens who wish to contribute to the environment will turn off the light.

“Turning off the light for an hour brings benefits that help preserve our planet. Let’s give our home a break, because it really needs it. From 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, let’s live the planet’s time, “he invited on his social networks Ministry of Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentKeanu asserted that turning off the light for an hour is equivalent to preserving approximately one hectare of the Amazon rainforest annually.

also , Narino Palace She notified that she would join the initiative: “Government headquarters and other entities will turn off their lights to certify their commitment to caring for the planet, That is why the national government invites citizens of the country to join this initiative to protect the environment. Environment is one of the five pillars of National development planwhich is currently being evaluated by the Congress of the Republic and requests the organization of the territory around water and environmental justice,” contact details from the Presidency.

This was an initiative that was born in Sydney (Australia) in 2007 and has grown into one of the largest environmental movements in the world. Since its inception, this outreach initiative has focused on issues of climate change and nature loss.

“We have reached over 190 countries and millions of people around the world. The movement seeks, on the last Saturday in March, for as many people as possible to turn off the light for an hour and commit to protecting nature. Earth Hour reminds us that small actions can make a big difference.” , the company said in a statement. WWF Colombia.

1. EN is one of the largest environmental movements on the planet

Earth Hour is one of the largest movements related to nature and climate, organized by the WWF, various allies around the world and led by the Earth Hour community.

2. A movement with more than a decade of history

It’s been 15 years since Earth Hour began in 2007 as a small movement in Sydney, Australia.

3. More than just lights out

Earth Hour is one of the only places and moments when local and global communities come together by turning off their lights to show they care about the future of the one common home: our planet.

4. It is truly a global event

Every year, millions of people, famous places, businesses and communities around the world participate in Earth Hour events and activities.

5. Tough times have created innovative solutions

Tough times have created incredible ideas. In the midst of the covid-19 derived pandemic in 2020, Earth Hour was an entirely digital event. A concert was held in Colombia with Camilo and Valona.

6. It helped fight reforestation

It has helped fight deforestation. WWF Uganda in 2013 as part of the campaign established the first Earth Hour forest in East Africa to restore 2,700 hectares of degraded land.


Spider-Man was the first superhero to be an Earth Hour ambassador in 2014, drawing all the global attention the movement needs.

9. This movement was in space

In 2015, Italian astronaut Samantha Christoferetti joined Earth Hour from space, carrying a banner that read “Climate Change Changing” from the International Space Station.

10. Create green innovations for charging mobile phones

There are “solar trees” erected in Shanghai for Earth Hour that allow people to charge their mobile phones with renewable energy.

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