Joleon Alvarez leaves the US blacklist

Joleon Alvarez leaves the US blacklist

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a few days ago Julian Alvarez He talked about how bad he has been going through in recent years, after the US authorities referred to him and put him on a list as a leading figure in organized crime, since 2017.Which prevented him from continuing his musical activity in that country.

And this is not only “King of the Box” He suffered the ravages of this statement, because not only could he enter American soil to work, but also his family and especially his daughters who were discriminated against, He also announced during an interview with the media.

However, it seems that everything is changing for the singer, because it was announced via social networks Joleon Alvarez has already left the US Treasury list. This modification is already found in the updates provided by this office.

Julion Alvarez managed to clear his name as he promised

Given this good news, the singer will soon resume his artistic activities in the neighboring country, which he had suspended for five years. Because of this situation, as well as the fact that their bank accounts and investments they may have in the United States will also be recovered.

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