José Coronado became the Spanish mascot of the podium

José Coronado became the Spanish mascot of the podium

Historic success for the second season of “Entrevias”

Jose Coronado has become synonymous with success and Netflix They are well aware of that. His latest achievement was that two series starring him led the Spanish Top 10 for several days – and not so long ago he also did that with The Snow Girl, although he only had a minor role there. Something very commendable, but more important is how far the “Entrevías” have swept the world, to the point of an intriguing record-breaking on the podium.

Historic success

The second season of “Entrevías” managed to add even more 34.63 million hours played During its first week on Netflix, which translates to the best premiere ever for a Spanish series that is not an original production on the streaming platform.

In fact, the record is held so far by the first installment of ‘Entrevías’, which debuted on Netflix with 20.20 million hours. This translates to growth over 70%which is a real outrage to which we must add that the massive success of the new episodes resulted in the first season debuting in the top ten with another 21.98 million hours, thus surpassing even the data from its launch.

Among the highlights of the second season of ‘Entrevías’, it stands out that it reached number one in countries such as Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, Bahamas and Argentina, but also that forIt has been a top ten hit in the US since the day of its release..

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