Pancho Saavedra reveals the unexpected about his partner

Pancho Saavedra reveals the unexpected about his partner

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Pancho Saavedra He returned from his trip around the world and was interviewed by the Chilean media “Tiempo X”. The charismatic speaker gave details of what this new experience is and how he revealed some of the changes the program brings.

The success of Channel 13’s “Premiere” and Pancho Saavedra I anticipated what was to come in this second season. The journalist was with his partner in India, Thailand, Japan and Uganda and they revealed that it was a ‘love journey’.

Emotion Former host of “Places” it was tangible. During the interview, the Chilean shared the new schedule in which the “show” will be broadcast, which he described as “a different show for the public.” Starting Thursday, March 9, we’ll be able to see the fun adventures again Pancho Saavedra and Jorge Zabaleta.

During the premiere ceremony, the man, born in Curico, announced that “Socios por el mundo” was not only a cultural and travel program, but also hosted thousands of families. The journalist confirmed that he was worried about the new edition however He asserted that the production work is “incredible”.

Jorge travels in a very “hippie” way.

The iconic Channel 13 interviewer confirmed that he won’t be able to pack his belongings the same way his colleague does. While Zabaleta keeps everything he needs in a backpack, Saavedra needs three to travel safely. Despite this revelation, the driver confirmed that his partner was in very good health with all of his belongings.

Pancho Saavedra He admitted that he does everything he can to lose weight and that he used a photo of Jorge Zabaleta as inspiration. “It’s for health.”, confirmed to the person who was crowned “King Joachana” in 2017. The duo is preparing to return to television with this legendary show that brings the whole family together. Catch his tour of the Eastern Continent this Thursday on Channel 13.

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