Premieres in Mexico and Latin America, pre-sales Cinemex, Cinépolis, Latin dubbing and more

Premieres in Mexico and Latin America, pre-sales Cinemex, Cinépolis, Latin dubbing and more

After years of waiting and a lot of uncertainty, the Mario Bros. movie is just a long way off. a few weeks after its release. Nintendo and Universal have everything ready to make Mario the biggest star of the year. but When is the movie shown Mario brothers?

When is the Mario Bros movie coming out in Mexico and Latin America?

Nintendo and Universal Pictures have been working on the movie for several years. Mario brothers So its premiere will be faster than you can imagine: Super Mario Bros movie It will be released on April 5, 2023, in Mexico, Latin America, and the United States.

For a few months, there have been rumors that the movie could be released on March 30th. Unfortunately Nintendo and Universal chose A.I World premiere April 5th… except Japan, where it will arrive April 28th, 2023.

Super Mario Bros. movie dubbed into Latin Spanish

Although the voices are cast in Spanish for a movie Mario brothers It is not confirmed, thanks to the achievements we follow The voices that greet Legendary Nintendo characters on the big screen.

a personality

English voice

Voice in latin spanish


Chris Pratt

Raul Anaya


Charlie Day

Roberto Salguero

Princess Peach

Farrah Ina Taylor

Alejandra Pilar


black jack

Hector Estrada


Keegan Michael Kay

Miguel Angel Ruiz


Kevin Michael Richardson

Roberto Carrillo

Penguin King

Khary Payton

Mauricio Perez

Presale Mario Bros Movie at Cinemex and Cinépolis

As of the time of writing this note, Cinemex and Cinépolis have not announced a pre-sale date for Mario Bros movie. However, based on what we’ve seen in the movies Shazam 2And Ant man 3 and other major releases in 2023. Both theater chains open their pre-sale 15 days before the premiere.

It might be a file The Mario pre-sale will be between March 15th and 20th, 2023. We invite you to be aware of our social networks to know the exact date in order to be able to purchase your tickets Super Mario Bros movie. Yes really. Cinemamex has already started selling its collector’s cards.

mario day

As has happened in recent years, Nintendo will celebrate Mario Day on March 10th. between celebrations mario day A new Nintendo Switch with extras Super Mario Bros movieplus discounts on games starring The Plumber in the Switch eShop.

On the other side, Super Mario Bros the Movie is getting a new Nintendo Direct Special with the latest trailer for the movie…even though it’s going to be the day before Mario Day, but it’s still part of the festivities.

The Super Mario Bros. movie… what is it about?

Adaptation of the Nintendo video game series. The film tells the story of Mario and Luigi, two brothers who travel to a hidden world to rescue Princess Peach, who has been captured by the evil King Bowser. However, things will not be easy Mario and Luigi will have to face an army of undead Animatronic Crow before fighting against their opponent. Brick lanes and castles with multiple dangers will be some of the obstacles that the brothers will have to overcome to achieve their goal.”

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