Jorge Zabaleta reveals he had to travel to “take some time” after distancing himself from his wife – Publimetro Chile

Partners around the world The new season premieres this Thursday, as we can see Pancho Saavedra and Jorge Zabaleta He is touring India, Thailand, Japan and Uganda. However, this trip is special for the actor, as he has returned to two states He visited her 21 years ago, when he temporarily distanced himself from his wife, Francesca Allende.

According to the statements made by the talented TimeXat that time: “I needed to give myself some timeAnd My sister was in Nepal, and I wrote to her and went there. I needed to be with someone closehe recalls.

It’s been 20 years since that adventure, however India is almost the same and Thailand jumped… It’s shocking today, I’m going back a thousand times,” said Zabaleta.

Although there are obvious differences. Regarding this, Jorge explained that when he traveled in his twenties, he had an “incredible” time and went to different parties. While taping the Channel 13 Now program, he was amazed at the tourist advances.

Later, Jorge Zabaleta was asked what it was like to be separated from his wife and children for 80 days: “It is important for me to do whatever I want to do, All I had in mind and developing all those projects… Life goes by fast, yesterday I was 25 and today 53, I can’t believe it in the blink of an eye.”.

I’ve had a good time in life and I don’t want it to end…otherwise, one would be sad all day long. (My wife and children) know me, they know how I am, and they know that it’s very important to travel and be mobileI can’t stay in one place for a long time, I’m going on vacation and I want to leave for the week.

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