The Road to the Oscars: 5 Hollywood Movies Filmed in Argentina

The Road to the Oscars: 5 Hollywood Movies Filmed in Argentina

All climates. All landscaping. Many Argentines proudly repeat these words, which have a reason. From Jujuy to Tierra del Fuego, the country offers an incredible variety, which It has always been attractive not only for international tourism but also for film productions.

handing over the oscars, which will be held this Sunday It’s a good excuse to review Some of the Hollywood movies that have chosen these lands as a location to tell their stories. Some of them are well known to the public and others will surprise you.

1- The mission

It is one of the most famous Hollywood movies shot in Argentina. Moreover, speaking of this production, many say for reference: “the one made at the falls”. the movie Directed by Roland Joffe, starring Robert De Niro Not just dead errands but also in part of the state of Paraná in Brazil. won an Academy Award in Mind-blowing Photography in 1986; The story, set against the backdrop of the Treaty of Madrid (1750), won the Palme d’Or at Cannes.

2- Seven years in Tibet

Location choices always bring surprises. And that was the case with this movie. Initially, it was slated to shoot in India but was put on hold due to political issues in that country. Producer Richard Goodwin recalled a trip to Mendoza and suggested Aconcagua as the location. Film crew, starring Brad Pittsettled in the suburbs uspalata, about 100 km from the capital of Mendoza. With a little imagination The landscape of Mendoza could be Tibet, thought the director. The film is based on the experiences of an Austrian mountaineer in Tibet. It was also filmed at a train station in La Plata.

3- X-Men: The First Generation

The fifth installment of the mutant franchise, which premiered in 2011, has Argentinian landscapes…and a major production error. In a mountain-filled sequence, a sign appears stating: “Villa Geselle”. clearly, There are no mountains in the seaside resort and the scene was filmed at Villa La Angostura. Details that, of course, did not go unnoticed by Argentine viewers. It was also recorded on location in Russia and the United States.


Will Smith often says: “I love Buenos Aires, its meat, its music…”. In this movie, in which he plays a con man, he immersed himself in shooting in the city where he likes to be a tourist. The movie locations are easy to locate: Círculo Militar de Retiro, Recoleta, San Telmo and the classic: Caminito in the La Boca neighborhood.

5- Rebirth

Where else can you shoot a movie that requires snow sets? The answer is clear to Hollywood: Canada. But in this movie starring Leo DiCaprio there was a catch. After a year of filming in that country, the snow ran out and new locations had to be found. This is how they chose the outskirts of Ushuaia for the final scenes. The stunning beauty of the Fujian Andes provided the setting for this story told in a harsh winter.

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