Jorge Zabaleta ad Portas from the premiere of the second edition of “Socios por el Mundo”: “It’s more rounded than the previous one”

Jorge Zabaleta ad Portas from the premiere of the second edition of “Socios por el Mundo”: “It’s more rounded than the previous one”

held this tuesday The launch of the second season of “Socios por el Mundo” At the Hoyets Cinema in Parque Arauco. In an interview with the press, Jorge Zabaleta speak with fotech. cl On how to register this second session using Pancho Saavedra What does this program mean to him?

The actor began by commenting that he feels that “this season is more rounded than the previous season, we’re much clearer about what we’re doing. The first was discoverable.” In addition, he explained that when recording they don’t have a script, “they turn on the cameras and sound and let’s go, we don’t have anything scripted”.

Regarding the things in which these changes are reflected, Jorge noted that “the relationship with Pancho (Saavedra), in our friendship, how to give information, to know the role of each individual. I am very happy, it is definitely a better season than last season.”

Regarding the countries they will visit, the protagonist of “Brugge” believes that the public will also like them because “the places we choose are more exotic and therefore may be more attractive. Uganda is impressive, it is a crying country. Also Japan, which surprised me a lot. Thailand … Leaving India and its culture shock is absolute.”

In a conversation with our moderator, Jorge Zabaleta also revealed that on this trip he also fulfilled one of his dreams, that of knowing Africa, “but that black Africa, that deeper one, held in so many ways that it is impossible to remain indifferent”. It excites and surprises you. Shocking Uganda.”

Regarding the program’s structure, which relies a lot on spontaneous on-screen reactions, the “Socios de la Parrilla” member explained that before traveling they know where they are going, but not what they are going to happen. “Cameras aren’t heroes, they’re always outside more. We never talk to them. It’s because we want this to be more intimate between us and that’s what we’re going through. People are just as surprised as we are when we get to know places.”

Finally, the actor explained that of all the programs in which he is involved, this is the project that attracts him the most, “For me” Socios por el Mundo ” It’s the dream you’ve always dreamed of. Because there are many travel programs, but this one is completely different. It is how friends travel, so there is no need to know all the places. One discovers just as much as the audience,” he concluded.

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