Dominicans spend between NT$3,000 and NT$15,000 during Valentine’s Day

Dominicans spend between NT$3,000 and NT$15,000 during Valentine’s Day

Denver, Colorado.- Valentine’s Day is one of the favorite dates to celebrate loved ones and also an opportunity to take a closer look at consumer habits. In the Dominican Republic, 80% of people celebrate this date and 39% consider it a “very important” day, spending between R$3,000 and R$15,000 per person.

Clothing, watches, accessories or food are some of the traditional gifts given the most on this date, according to data from WorldRemit, a company dedicated to sending digital remittances that compiled numbers on Valentine’s Day and friendship buying trends.

He explains that although the lovers are bound by tradition, they are open to new experiences. 43% of them buy gifts after viewing offers published in the media, while 29% prefer promotions and 28% prefer discounts.

However, the company warns that the effects of global inflation will continue to be felt this year. According to the latest survey, more than 25% of people have changed their spending habits to adapt to this situation by reducing discretionary spending on entertainment, such as eating out or going to the cinema or theatre.

online trade wins; Men spend more

A trend that has been noticed in recent years is that people prefer to buy their gifts online rather than doing it in person. Online purchases on Valentine’s Day increased 321% in the past decade.

Purchases of jewelry, flowers, hotel and restaurant reservations, especially through digital channels, grew by 92%.

About WorldRemit

WorldRemit is a leading global payments company and, along with Sendwave, is part of Zepz, a group that operates two global payment brands. The company makes its way among the traditional companies that have a physical location, by making money transfers abroad over the Internet, making it safer, faster and at a lower cost.

Currently, it sends money transfers from 50 to 130 countries, with over 5,000 money transfer lanes through over 1,200 employees.

When it comes to shipping, WorldRemit is 100 percent digital, which adds convenience and improves security. For those receiving money, the company offers a wide range of options including bank deposit, cash out, phone recharge, and mobile money.

Backed by Accel, TCV and Leapfrog, WorldRemit is headquartered in London, UK, with regional offices in the US, Poland, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Somaliland, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Belgium.

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