Pancho Saavedra and Jorge Zabaleta finally confirmed what everyone already suspected

Pancho Saavedra and Jorge Zabaleta finally confirmed what everyone already suspected

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Pancho Saavedra And Jorge Zabaleta appeared on Thursday night with the second season of “Socios por el mundo”. Channel 13 aired the first chapter of the action-adventure cycle with the goal of achieving the same success as the first season that aired last year.

at this opportunity, Pancho Saavedra And Jorge Zabaleta will be sharing on Channel 13 the full tour they took through India, Thailand, Japan and Uganda through the end of 2022 and January this year, something the successful space enthusiast is already waiting to see.

Pancho Saavedra. Source: (Google).

true friendship!

Before the appearance of “Socios por el mundo”, Pancho Saavedra And Jorge Zabaleta shared with the media how the recordings of the second season were developed, and in a conversation with “El Filtrador”, the animator and the actor ended up confirming what everyone had already suspected, that they were always together and There wasn’t any kind of problem between them.

“We haven’t had fights, we never fight because we love each other, we respect each other, and when we’re ready I send Jorge a WhatsApp and say, ‘Hey, change my face, ’cause you know what, this can’t be revealed ‘I’m not going to go like this'” ‘” Pancho Saavedra.

Jorge Zabaleta. Source: (Google).

In the same vein, the host of “Socios de la parilla” also expressed that although differences can happen, being friends is different: “It happens between spouses, it happens with your father and mother. When you go on the trip we can disagree, but from there Let’s wait, No. You know what, Really this is a crack friendship, a very nice friendship“, precise.

“We get along very well and for the same reason we started working together.”

Jorge Zabaleta and Pancho Saavedra. Source: (Google).

for his part, Jorge Zabaleta He highlighted: “We get along very well and that’s why we started working together. The truth is that I laugh a lot with this gatun and it makes me laugh a lot. One of them is very tolerant, because you are also out of Chile for several days, no, you can’t be stupid either. I have no problems with Pancho at all.”

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