The Baker and the Beauty: The romantic series everyone is talking about

The Baker and the Beauty: The romantic series everyone is talking about
A young man working in a family bakery in Miami meets a model with whom he begins a relationship.

Young Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk), who comes from a Cuban family, lives a very quiet life. He works for the family business in the Little Havana area of ​​Miami, which is a bakery. He has a girlfriend, Vanessa, for many years. But his life will take an unexpected turn when famous and influential model and influencer, Nue Hamilton (Natalie Kelly, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift) and his quiet life will take unexpected turns.

The series, developed by Dean Georgaris, and found in the Netflix catalog, has one season of 9 episodes lasting about 45 minutes and was based on the homonymous novel made in Israel by Asi Azar. Consider this fantasy the heir to the movie A place called Notting Hill, the film that tells the story of a small bookstore owner in the suburbs of London who falls in love with a Hollywood star, starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. In this case, it was carried out by Israeli actor Aviv Aloch, as the baker, and actress Rotem Sela, as the model. That original series had a second season but not the American season, at least not yet.

A love story between a baker and a model

The synopsis predicts this love story of two people belonging to opposite universes: “A Miami baker and a fashion star search for the recipe to preserve their relationship despite the jealous, meddling family members and invading paparazzi.” The baker and the beauty It premiered in the US in 2020 and then was uploaded to Netlfix a year later where it was widely accepted.

The fantasy shows, far from the love story, the reality of the Latinos, in this case the Cubans, who settled in the United States and managed to realize the long-awaited American dream but without losing the habits, beliefs and roots that define them. .

“The Baker and the Beauty” is based on the Israeli series of the same name

This version is defined as The new modern fairy tale Since it sparked the classic link between the humble young man and the famous girl and millionaire. They complete the cast The baker and the beauty Dan Bucatinski (Luis), David Del Rio (Mateo García), Michelle Ventimella (Vanessa), Belisa Escobedo (Natalie), Lisa Vidal (Mary Garcia), Carlos Gomez (Rafael García), Georgina Riley (Piper) and Madeline Scheer (Amy) among others.

You can watch the first season of The Baker and the Beauty on Netflix.

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