Joy in Mexico for Oscar Coda, with Eugenio Derbez performing (+ photo)

Joy in Mexico for Oscar Coda, with Eugenio Derbez performing (+ photo)

The comedian was the first to respond by celebrating the victory on social media, with Viva México resounding the film’s successful score on a night full of surprises at the 94th Academy gala, followed by step by step in this country, the mecca of Latin American cinema.

Derbez, who plays a teacher in the film Deaf and Dumb, announced that in this edition of the Academy’s Grand Prix, the winner was inclusion as he promotes the art of cinema.

And he said CODA has shown that you can always make history, even without big names and a budget, but with all your heart in it.

The implication that Derbez mentioned is due to the fact that the film talks about a deaf family, and even one of the actors is deaf and dumb: Troy Kotsur, winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, is the first actor with this disability to win. statuette. CODA also received Best Adapted Screenplay.

Multiple nominations for the film interrupt the career of Derbez, who was part of the cast and was part of the audience while accepting the award.

I spent four months studying piano. My coach was the same as Ryan Gosling’s coach at La La Land, I learned a technique I wasn’t familiar with. It is very severe.

I also learned how to lead a choir, which is another animal entirely, and he also taught me how to teach. The Mexican actor said it was a four-month dip in preparation for film production.

CODA is the first film with a majority of deaf people to win Best Picture, and the first with fewer than four nominations to do so since 1932’s “Grand Hotel.”

“The Power of the Dog,” which came with 12 nominations and was shaping up as a potential first prize winner, earned just one award, for best director, for its director, Jane Campion.

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