The immersive experience recreated in New York

The immersive experience recreated in New York

Through a narrow, twisted corridor of red roots, you enter the upside-down (upside down, in English) world of the blockbuster series Stranger Things, an immersive experience that Netflix wanted to recreate in New York as the starter of the two-week-scheduled fourth season.

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“The best place to experience is definitely the upside-down world. If you haven’t gone upside down, arriving through a crack, that is quite impressive, especially with the special effects and technology they use,” said General Director of Visiting, George Anthony Agboya, for Evie.

How is the experience?

Installed in an industrial warehouse for the old New York shipyards, in the Brooklyn area, the experiment reconstructs the entrance and inside of the infamous “National Laboratory”, where there is a sign welcoming the fictitious town of Hawkins, “Best Small Town in The United States”, where the series is set, It takes place in the eighties of the last century.

Visitors must let themselves be carried away by the supposed staff of this laboratory, as this series of supernatural powers of some children, such as “Eleven”, are investigated.

Photo: Netflix Stranger Things/The Experience.

In an immersive experience, participants can let themselves be or not be drawn into the plot that leads them from room to room in the lab led by villain Dr. Martin Brenner, on the one hand, by the children who are the series’ protagonists, and on the other hand, who address the audience through networks Or crystals or television screens for a supposed closed circuit.

En la pequeña aventura de media hora, donde los laboratorios investigan el potencial mental del visitante, tiene también un peso especial el espeluznante demogorgon, la criatura humanoide cuya cabeza se abre como una planta carnívora dentada y de que que des paralena el univera the world.

“I liked it a lot, and frankly the interaction and all the technology was very good,” said 21-year-old Kelsey, who is a self-proclaimed fan of the series and especially the character “Eleven,” the heroine with superpowers, says Efe.

“What I really liked is going through the upside down world gate and seeing the trees, it was really good,” he settled.

The end of the immersive experience

After defeating and shutting down a parallel reality that threatens to devour the series’ real world, an interactive visit leads to a square where the legendary Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop stands, where Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley work and waiters always dressed as sailors.

Stranger Things Mix
Photo: Netflix Stranger Things/The Experience.

Designed for easy photo-taking, the venue also offers pieces of Jonathan’s room decoration, where his mother painted an alphabet with flashlights for her to communicate with when parallel reality swallowed him.

But there’s also a phone box, vintage arcade games like the ones in Palace Arcade, radio tapes, and all kinds of things and foods that remind us of the 80s.


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Of course, there’s no shortage of retro-style T-shirts with characters, the series title, Demogorgon stuffed animals, or a vinyl record with Hawkins’ soundtrack.

And of course, a cocktail bar called “The Upside,” where those who want to take the nasty brew of an upside down world tour and sip cocktails—at $16 each—with names that won’t disappoint even the most fanatics like the . “Demogorgon” or “Upside Down”

A snapshot of the fourth season

The fourth and final season of the series will begin on May 27, which will be preceded by the world premiere on 21 in New York, and the interactive experience wanted to show some glimpses of the scenarios that will appear in the new seasons.

Weird things
Image: Netflix.

“Season 4 is coming later this month, and if you take a look inside the area, we’ve got a few things to announce. We have Hellfire Club, The Surfer Boy pizza kiosk, as well as Hellfire Club,” said Agboa, who didn’t want to go into more detail. Rink-o-House rinks, new items for Season 4″.

Prices for the immersive experience, which will open in New York through July 31 and also travel to San Francisco and London, start at $54 per person.

Here is more information about this experience!

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