The 90s Reality Bites movie will become a series from the original writer

The 90s Reality Bites movie will become a series from the original writer

Helen Childress, producer of series such as The Spanish Princess or Good Girls, screenwriter at the head Peacock Project to turn “Reality Bites” into a seriesthe movie she wrote herself in 1994. This project is under development and has the same plot as the movie and Focuses on the idealistic young Lilena Pierce (played by Winona Ryder) and her three best friends as they graduate from college and enter adulthood. During the 1990s, the world around them is going through major changes and this group of friends will try to stick to their identity and support each other. Original Producers Danny DeVito, Michael Schamberg, and Stacy Scheer will join Gina Banes, Casey and Childress herself.

in his day The soundtrack became an anthem, Winona Ryder’s haircut was a huge hit and the film became a tagline for the members of Generation X., known as the millennial baby boomer generation. Wynona Ryder, Janeane Garofalo, Ethan Hawke and Steve Zahn became representatives of all those young people who were taking their first steps ready to take on the world and, therefore, facing their first disappointments. As a reflection of his time, seen with our own eyes more than 20 years later, there are many things in the film that definitely seem out of the question to us. You will have to Wait to see how this new fantasy captures history And who will be chosen to be a star in it.

Currently, We’ve seen those who were the protagonists of the movie again in some recent titles. fact, Winona Ryder She resurfaces like a phoenix from her ashes after a shady episode of cell mania that landed her in prison with the success of Netflix, Weird things. Ethan Hawke He appeared in the recently released Moon Knight as Arthur Arrow, and before we saw him in WoodpeckerOn the struggle against slavery in the United States in the nineteenth century. Steve Zang He had various minor roles in movies and series, even Last summer, he became the star of the HBO Max summer show The White Lotus.. Janine Garofalo She continued an extensive television career which was among her most recent titles “Younger” or “Billionaires”. finally, Ben Stiller Who was the director of Reality Bites as well as one of the heroes, showed his good eye as a producer and director for the latest success of Apple TV + ‘Separation’.

Can it be seen in Spain?

After giving long teeth to all the boom boomers, that’s the million dollar question. Peacock is NBCUniversal’s streaming service in the US and At the moment we don’t know if it will reach Spain or on which platform it can be seen. The series is still in development, so we’ll come back to this question when it’s time for the premiere.

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