Judge Tim Cook and Craig Federighi orders to testify in Epic’s Fortnite case

The latest developments in An ongoing lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple App Store policies for iPhone maker and removal for iOS version of It is an electronic game he is New request From Judge Thomas Hickson outlines the rules for the testimony of Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and chief software engineering officer Craig Federighi in the case. Court order, spotted on Thursday before Me more And the Apple insideIt gives us a first glimpse of how Apple’s executive leadership is involved in the ongoing antitrust lawsuit, which is due to go to trial in July next year.

The order, released Wednesday after a December 15 hearing, says Apple will not be able to restrict Cook’s certification to four hours, as the company has sought. Only after Apple has provided the necessary documents that Epic’s attorneys require in App Store operations can the length of the certification be determined, as the order states. Hixon also dropped a request from Apple to replace Federighi with one of his aides, Erik Neuenschwander.

“The court rules to the plaintiffs and asks Apple to make Federighi the custodian of documents instead of Neuenschwander. First, the plaintiffs have shown that Federighi is a higher-level decision maker and his documents are likely to go to the heart of the defense justifying Apple’s actions,” the order reads. Second, if the plaintiffs guess wrong, and Federigi’s documents are not as relevant as the Neunchwander, that hurts the plaintiffs. Assuming the requests are relevant and proportionate, it is up to the plaintiffs to decide which discovery they want to make to substantiate their claims, and if they make bad choices, that is their problem. ”

The case is still in its preliminary stages, and much of the mutual public criticism from Apple and Epic that erupted in August has calmed down as attorneys for both sides begin preparing for the next stages of the lawsuit. The next deadline for new applications was set for January 6, 2021, with a hearing two days later.

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