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In the context of combat Against corruption, it has been announced in recent days that judicial investigations have been opened involving former President Enrique Peña Nieto and Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, the national head of the Constitutional Revolutionary Party and former governor of Campeche. With them, the list swells – which is not small – of the political figures of that political force and the PAN who are under investigation or on trial.

In recent hours and days, various accusations and complaints have emerged referring to figures from the ruling party. This is the case of the former governor of Baja California, Jaime Bonilla Valdez, who is accused by the current authorities of this entity of having signed a fraudulent contract requiring the state treasury to pay 6 billion pesos to the energy company Next Energy for the acquisition of a photovoltaic park. He didn’t build it.

In a different context, the justice organs of the Dominican Republic accused Alejandra Lagoons, who is known for operating Peña Nieto propaganda on social networks for the past six years, and the current senator from PVEM, a member of the ruling coalition, participated in a complex criminal network who defrauded more than $100 million from the treasury of that Caribbean nation and allocated it to the illegal status of former lawyer Jean-Alain Rodriguez Sanchez, today in prison, as a presidential candidate.

On the other hand, the coordinator of the Morena caucus in the Chamber of Deputies, Ignacio Meyer, denounced Puebla Governor Miguel Barbosa and Senator Alejandro Armenta, both from the same party, before the Public Prosecutor of the Republic, as well as in his capacity as the former head of the Financial Intelligence Unit, Santiago Nieto, accusing him of organizing political persecution against him . The lawsuit also includes Puebla attorney Gilberto Higuera.

Lagoons’ situation is unique in that the charges against him come from another country, which could lead to an extradition request that cannot be processed in court if impeachment is not carried out first, given her status as a legislator.

In any case, this proliferation of court cases must be dealt with quickly, efficiently and impartially. Opposition politicians are under investigation or prosecuted for their possible participation in inevitable embezzlement or inexplicable financial operations, committed in the recent past, when they held positions of power in various hierarchies.

In the case of those relating to the government or its allied parties, such a request is doubly necessary, given the opening commitment of President Andres Manuel López Obrador, in the sense that acts of corruption will not be permitted in his state and there will be no impunity. Tolerance of public officials.

Finally, effective and equal justice for opponents and members of the ruling party is the most effective way to distort the common accusation among supporters of the Constitutional Revolutionary Party, the People’s Movement Party and the Party of Democratic Revolution, who claim to be victims political persecution to the least judicial procedure involving them.

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