Kidney failure hits the country’s economy Kidney failure hits the country’s economy


Doctors review the effect of kidney mortality. They seek to improve patients’ quality of life

Acute kidney injury is a beast that breaks any healthcare system. This is how Dr. Eliana Dina, a nephrologist considered it.

“We have a monster inside us that is devouring the budgets of industrialized nations. It represents 1% of England’s health budget, as analyzed when participating in a conference at the 12th Congress of Nephrology and the Dominican XX Spanish Language Course held in Punta Cana, La Altagracia, and the 3rd Central American Meeting and the Caribbean.

The nephrology expert from the Metropolitan Hospital in Santiago said the statistics on illness, mortality and economic expenditure are great. The specialist said that an acute patient in the United States raises his account when entering $40,000 compared to another event.

This monster accounts for 5 to 7% of hospitalizations and 30 to 50% of intensive care units.

Dina said it also represents one in five adults in the hospital and one in three children will have an acute kidney injury. A ramp was created in the United States, because the better a medicine was produced, the more diseases were created.

An acute event increases a patient’s mortality rate three to seven times, and he called on colleagues to simulate a case of no deaths from acute kidney failure.

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