Konagua asks the people of Tula, now yes, to go to the shelters because of the rain

Konagua asks the people of Tula, now yes, to go to the shelters because of the rain

A year after the flood in Tula, in which 14 people were killed and thousands of families affected, the National Water Commission (Conagua) has asked residents of the Hidalgo municipality to take extreme precautions and move to temporary shelters in the face of expectations. of the coming rain.

The Federal Government issued this notice through an official statement published this afternoon, issuing the “Plan for Prevention and Civil Protection” that has been designed between the Conagua, the Ministry of Welfare, the Hidalgo Government and the Directorate of Protection. Civil in the municipality of Tula.

The official statement and recommendations of the Civil Protection contrast with the situation on September 6, 2021, when residents were not alerted to the danger that the river might overflow its banks due to the sending of large quantities of water into its tributary from the city. Mexico.

political animal I reviewed both the meteorological and civil protection bulletins issued on September 6 and the previous days and found that None of them alerted the population to the danger posed by the Tula Riverwhich eventually overflowed.

In the Release This afternoon, Conagua called on residents to put furniture and some belongings high, turn off gas taps, cut off electricity, protect important personal documents, and have an emergency backpack on hand.

The recommendation was to leave homes and go to shelters for families living on the banks of the Tula River, which corresponds to the federal territories that should not be inhabited.

Konagua urged those on the banks of the rivers, areas defining spaces to maintain the hydraulic system of the riverbeds, to stabilize their banks and to regulate flooding to avoid flooding, to go to the temporary shelter which, precaution and as part of this plan, has been installed at the Unity Sports Stadium known as Parque Tortuga. He added in his statement that this is in order to help prevent any possibility and thus enhance the safety of people in these dangerous areas.”

Residents were also asked to use the emergency number (911). attending official communications “and ignoring rumors”; Track indicators of civil protection and authorities, and be informed, through official sources, of meteorological reports for the Valley of Mexico and the metropolitan area.

NGO says residents are still at risk

Common Cause has urged to ensure the safety of Tula residents, saying that no measures have been taken to ensure that a flood like last year does not happen again.

“Causa en Común calls on the authorities to assume their responsibility to protect and ensure the safety of the residents of Tula, to eliminate the impunity charter and to publish information that helps to find out what happened and determine responsibilities; and, most importantly, prevent the people of the said municipality from losing one Her family members again, or all of their possessions, because of the complicit silence that refuses to tell the truth.

He pointed out that a year after the disaster, the investigations launched to investigate allegations of negligence and corruption have not yielded any results.

“One year after these unfortunate events, no one is responsible, no damage repair, let alone guarantees of non-recurrence. The Attorney General’s Office and the Ministry of Public Administration have concluded their “investigations” regarding possible acts of negligence or corruption.

“What prevails is impunity, concealment of information, and blackout on the part of the National Water Commission, the Mexico City Water System, the Water Commission of the State of Mexico, as well as the governments of Hidalgo and the municipality of Tula. Meanwhile, the victims received only gifts that do not help restore The simplest asset they’ve lost.”

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