Maria Elena Botazzi calls for strengthening the health system in Honduras


Honduran scientist Maria Elena Botazzi has called for strengthening the Central American country’s health system.

While receiving recognition for his outstanding work in academia and science, Botazi noted the need to strengthen and invest in the public health system, which has deteriorated as the COVID-19 pandemic passed.

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“The population must be sensitized, transparent and use the scientific basis to be able to find solutions and establish cooperation so that the vaccine can be obtained in this case,” manifested.

He also stressed that there is a future in the country in the scientific field because there are many capable minds and great progress can be made in this field of scientific research.

From our E&N archives: Maria Elena Botazi, Honduran Guide to Global Health

He stressed that both the authorities and the private sector must provide support to the new generations so that they can realize their dreams.

Maria Elena is one of our Women of Challenge and has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to health, most recently developing the Corbevax vaccine, which is patent-free and approved by the Central Medicines Authority of India, before the end of 2021.

This vaccine is based on a vaccine developed by a Honduran woman and her team to combat the SARS-1 virus, whose development began after receiving funding from the US National Institute of Health.

Currently, they are implementing a program for the intestinal hookworm parasite. This vaccine is already entering the second phase [etapa de un ensayo clínico con centenares de personas].

They are also working on developing a vaccine against schistosomiasis [una enfermedad provocada por gusanos parásitos] Going to Phase 2, in Uganda.

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